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At TheTalentSource, we take pride in the art of headhunting awesome Talents. We actively search and make the match for each briefing. Changing jobs is a big decision and we know this doesn’t happen overnight.

At TheTalentSource we focus on finding awesome Talents and being of service on this exciting journey together. Did we not headhunt you but are you convinced we must get in touch? Please fill out our form below and become a member of TheTalentSource Talent database, used as the main source for a lot of our matches. We are looking forward to talking to you!


The way we work

At TheTalentSource, we love helping our Clients. That’s why it is crucial to have personal contact about all the insides around the original job vacancy or assignment description. An exciting moment that starts ‘the hunt’.

Briefing & Debriefing

Time to do our homework. At this point, our team will tweak the job description according to your input and our experience. This is our focus document around which we search. 

Talent Profile

Meanwhile, we search our network and dive into the most awesome profiles. 

Search & Reach-out

When we find the right Candidate, we examine his or her profile in detail. Are we still sure it’s the best fit? Being a forward-thinking agency we embrace new technology, so we often use a video call for a ‘get to know' after the first phone contact. But don’t get fooled, a face-to-face meeting we happily plan as well... 


It’s a match! At least, that’s what we believe. The chosen Talent (or Talents) may be the one to provide your company with just what it needs. At this point, we’re happy to send you a Talent proposal with our best selection. We can’t wait to find out what your feedback is.

Talent Introduction

Once you indicate which Talent you wish to meet, our best match process continues. One of our headhunters preps the Talent, in preparation for meeting you. Next up is an interview between you and the Talent. Afterward, we evaluate the conversation using your and the Talent’s feedback. If needed, we will tighten the job search.


Every step of the way, TheTalentSource is there to guide you and the Talents to the best match!

Process Guidance

TheTalentSource works for Clients such as

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