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Having the right Talent in your team is crucial for success. However, how do you find and keep the right Talent in an efficient way? Get to know us a little better click below to plan a Discovery call with Dayanara. Or are you a Talent who is looking for a new team to thrive in? Register below to enter our database of awesome people. We are looking forward to connecting with you!

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''Bringing the industry's finest people & companies together in a personal & valuable way is the essence of TheTalentSource. Providing the best match is the passion of our team."

➣  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Founder & Chief

Dayanara Vonk Ilaria

''For our Talents & Clients, personal service is the standard at TheTalentSource. High-quality recruitment is how we do business.”

Hurghada, Egypt


Susan Kooij

''Relevant online presence & valuable communication with Talents & Clients is a crucial part of TheTalentSource MarCom. Indispensable for the best matches.”

  Karimunjawa, Indonesia

Marketing & Communication

Fleur van de Kasteele

'"Thriving by supporting others and uniting the team. This way TheTalentSource can operate flawlessly remotely, and our Talents & Clients are not lacking in service & organization.''

  Dronten, The Netherlands


Sanne Post

TheTalentSource works for Clients such as

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